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When you attack Antares in Master of Orion II, a scan of the Star Fortress in orbit of the planet shows the face of an Antaran. Is this a hero? If so, are his stats and abilities known?

enter image description here

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From a Master of Orion II fan site:

Xyphys the Antaran Warrior
Starting Exp: 1000, Commands the Antaran Star Fortress

Fighter Pilot* +7 (+7 to 8 per level)
Helmsman* +7 (+7 to 8 per level)
Ordnance* +7 (+7 to 8 per level)
Security* +3 (+3 per level)
Weapons* +7 (+7 to 8 per level)

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Well done. I googled for the longest time without success. – World Engineer Oct 26 '13 at 15:46

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