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I am trying to get a set of mods running for a private server. When I go to test everything in single player creative mode I get this output in my console output (MultiMC's debug console).

2013-06-24 23:00:34 [SEVERE] [Minecraft-Client] @ Post render
2013-06-24 23:00:34 [SEVERE] [Minecraft-Client] 1283: Stack overflow
2013-06-24 23:00:34 [SEVERE] [Minecraft-Client] ########## GL ERROR ##########

Based on what I can determine the error only appears when I open NEI to look for an item. The error does not happen when I fly around, dig, etc.

Here is the stuff I have installed so far.

Minecraft 1.5.2 LWJGL version 2.9.0

"Jar mods / Instmods":

  • Minecraft Forge
  • Optifine 1.5.2_HD_U_D5

Core mods:

  • Code Chicken Core 0.8.7
  • Not Enough Items


  • buildcraft-A-3.7.1
  • ChickenChunks
  • CoFHCore-
  • CompactSolars-
  • CompactWindmills-
  • ComputerCraft1.53
  • EE3-pre1h-16
  • EnderStorage
  • ExtrabiomesXL-3.13.4
  • forestry-A-
  • GravityGun1.5.1
  • IC2NuclearControl-1.5.1c
  • iChunUtil1.0.1
  • industrialcraft-2_1.116.353-lf
  • InventoryTweaks-1.54b
  • Ironchest-
  • NEIPlugins-
  • OmniTools-
  • PortalGun1.5.2
  • Railcraft-
  • ReiMinimap_v3.3_06
  • Reliquary1.0.6d
  • SecretRoomsMod-universal-
  • SGCraft-0.5.1-mc1.5.1
  • SoulShards-1.0.36-universal-srg
  • Thaumcraft3.0.5e
  • ThermalExpansion-
  • traincraft-4.0.1_002
  • twilightforest-1.18.1

Any help on what could be the problem would be great, thanks in advance.

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If you disable NEI, does the same issue happen? Does NEI have any compatability issues with the other plugins? – tombull89 Jun 25 '13 at 7:57
Yeah I disabled and removed NEI and the issue was still there. – ianc1215 Jun 25 '13 at 10:22
How much memory are you running minecraft with? – tombull89 Jun 25 '13 at 10:23
Minimum of 1G and Max 2G – ianc1215 Jun 25 '13 at 10:49
Is this about some FTB install with optifine added or did you combine all mods yourself? If so: which pack and what extra mods are used? Which mods are disabled in the used pack? – Arperum Jun 25 '13 at 11:35