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I used to be able to send companions back to Lucky 38 but all of a sudden I can't any more. I only have the option of ending the companionship rather than sending them to Lucky 38.

Does anyone know why? and how it can be corrected?

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According to the bugs list for Lucky 38 presidential suite on the FallOut Wikia this is apparently a known bug, unfortunately it seems the only suggested fix requires a certain level of progression in the story line:

Sometimes, you can lose the option (or never be given the option at all) to tell your companions to wait at the Lucky 38 upon telling them to leave. It appears that if this bug presents itself, you will never be able to ask a companion to wait there for the rest of the game.(Verified, Oct. 31, 2010.) This can be fixed if you kill Mr. House and upload Yes Man into the system.

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