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The Freeflow Perfection trophy/achievement in Batman: Arkham Asylum requires you to use all of Batman's combat moves in one freeflow combination. What are all these moves? What controller buttons are used to make them?

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The moves you have to perform in a single combo are (PS3 / 360 / PC):

  • Strike (Square / X / Mouse Left)

  • Counter (Triangle / Y / Mouse Right)

  • Cape Stun (Circle / B / Mouse Middle)

  • Evade (X / A x2 / Space x2)

  • Throw (Square + X / A + X / Shift + Mouse Left)

  • Takedown (Triangle + Circle / B + Y / Shift + Mouse Right)

  • Ground Takedown (R2 + Triangle / RT + Y / Ctrl Left + Mouse Right)

  • Batarang (L1 / LT / Q)

  • Batclaw (R2 x2 / RT x2 / C)

As far as which order and where to do it, I would check sites like True Achievements (Xbox 360), or PS3 Trophies Forums for some tips. Check YouTube as well, there's loads of videos for it and a bunch of different possible solutions.

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See also allgame.com/game.php?id=66506&tab=controls for a list of control keys. –  Martin Scharrer Jan 19 '12 at 13:49

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