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I have been working on a Minecraft server for awhile, and now, (having completed configuring my plugins) I am ready to start building a spawn. However, I am not that good at building attractive structures in Minecraft. (In fact, anything I build is usually a stone rectangular prism.)

How can I make my Minecraft server spawn practical, yet more attractive to new users?

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This detail compilation on reddit has some really nice examples of ways to add features to buildings and other structures. Tutorials can be found for most of them on YouTube.

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Just look for inspiration from other builds, and perhaps even watch building tutorials. There are plenty on YouTube such as Grian from CraftedMovie (found on CraftedBonus channel), there are a few tutorials on BlockFortress's channel, and even though there isn't a lot of tutorials on Keralis's channel, I feel that you can grab a lot of inspiration from what you see in his videos.

And if you still really can't pull through with building, there is no shame in posting something on PMC, minecraftforums, or another site, looking for builders. Even ask your friends, if they can build decent things on minecraft!

Hope this helps!

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A good way to make an attractive spawn is to use arches, fountains, rich or expensive materials, making it seem like a paradise. Also make sure it is protected from griefers.

Try to make the spawn resemble the rest of the server. If possible, something that really stands out in my opinion is teleporters to get to specific areas.

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