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I was wondering what pets were Tank pets in Cube World. I know turtles are, but I would like to know if there are some more.

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Turtles are the only tank pet currently available.

For a full list of pets and types (which does contain spoilers in the form of taming foods) see here.

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I'm a level 10 Water Mage, and I have a Snout Beetle at level 9. He can absorb hits, get the aggro, and deal damage with power attacks.

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Although other pets can be pretty tanky, the turtle is the only pet that is classed as a "Tank"

To be honest though you can make any pet tanky by just upgrading your pet master skill.

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Sadly, turtles are the only tank pets. You can tame them with a cinnamon roll. They are found near rivers and ponds. So yes, right now, turtles are the only tameable tank animals in Cube World.

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Turtles, porcupines (?) and most beetles.

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not beetles. Ive gone through most of them and they are definitely not tanks. Turtles are the only tank pet right now – Rapitor Jul 9 '13 at 13:54

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