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I've been trying to get the TF2 client to run on my machine. It starts and runs, but so slowly that even navigating the menus is pretty painful. I've searched around a bit and tried some of the launch/config options, but nothing seems to help much.

The machine I'm using is not exactly a gaming rig, but I think it should be enough (to run at sorta-playable speed, with ultra-low settings). I have heard that the official requirements (which I meet) are pretty out-of-date, but I also thought I saw a couple people with similar specs say they got it going under Windows.
(I'll try to source that later, although the comparison may be less-than-useful - OpenGL version vs. a DirectX version)

So, are there any particular settings I should try? Most of the guides I've seen are several years old (and, of course, for Windows).

Core 2 Duo
Intel graphics (965...)

Yeah, I know, integrated - but I think others run on similar specs (don't have a link for that handy), and you'd be surprised at some of the things it can handle.

// //

Answers I'd find useful, whether or not they're what I want to hear:

  • Anything useful specifc to my case (duh)
  • real/realistic min specs for TF2
  • explanation of settings (like the "dxlevel" setting - does it do anything in the Linux client, seeing as Linux doesn't have DX?)
  • specifc requirements (eg, "TF2, even with low settings, requires OGL ARB_blahblah extension, or its DX equivalent - which most integrated cards don't support in hardware")
  • (etc, probably some other stuff)
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A couple points - it is a T7300 2.0Ghz CPU // I'm hoping that the answer will be useful to others on 'similar' hardware, which could be quite a large group (see linked question - it sounds super-specific, but the answer is actually good info for anyone w/ integrated GPU (esp Linux-users)) – hunter2 Jul 18 '13 at 12:55