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Is it possible to change Blizzard's font, both size and type, in World of Warcraft? It has to affect both the built-in Combat Scrolling Text and speech bubble. It has to be able to change the font, not one that will replace Blizzard's Combat Scrolling Text.

The reason I don't want to use an add-on to replace the Combat Scrolling Text is, I like how the built-in combat-text hovers right over the mob's head no matter where it is on my screen. As for the speech bubble, it's just too big of a font.

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Fontifier seems like it would do what you want. I haven't used it myself though, so I can't be sure.

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Thank you. I will download and test it out. – SgtOJ Dec 10 '10 at 18:20

You don't actually need an addon to do this, and can instead just replace the fonts by naming your chosen fonts equivalently. To make this process a little more convenient, Fontify is a batch script which automates the renaming.

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I will check it out. You have a font that you like? – SgtOJ Dec 11 '10 at 19:38
I don't actually play the game any more, but I'd probably try the Ubuntu font if I did. – Jamie Schembri Dec 11 '10 at 19:53

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