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There are graphics cards that only differ in the amount of RAM they have, e.g. MSI GTX770 Twin Frozr II Gaming OC 4GB and MSI GTX770 Twin Frozr II Gaming OC 2GB.

Is more RAM better for more monitors? If I only use 1 or 2 screens what is the advantage of having more RAM?

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I'm not quite sure how this question is "primarily opinion-based". Certainly there are many factors that affect how a system will perform with a multi-monitor setup. However, I think this question should be very answerable since it is strictly focused on the benefits of RAM alone. A question asking whether more RAM or faster GPU is more useful could qualify as subjective, (and yet, somehow that question is still open) but that's not what's being asked here. –  Iszi Jul 26 '13 at 18:53
I concur with @Iszi. This is pretty straightforward. –  CyberSkull Jul 26 '13 at 22:14
guys, sorry for my bad that i didn't check.. was at the shop and i need feedback urgently as i was assembling a new PC and it was my turn so i just hurry try to grab some help.. will not do it the next time.. –  myfriday13 Jul 31 '13 at 3:14

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More VRAM allows your computer to load more and higher resolution textures or 3D meshes onto your GPU, as well as render images at higher resolutions (multiple monitors is the same as having a higher resolution).

When your GPU does not feature enough VRAM, it will load its ressources onto the system RAM instead. However, due to the system RAM's distance to the GPU, it is a lot slower than VRAM.

If your GPU's VRAM is full during a game, chances are that you might see your FPS boosted a lot by upgrading your GPU's RAM (which is unfortunately not possible, since VRAM is soldered onto the graphics card)

This is partly the reason, why IGPs (Integrated Graphics Processors) are much slower than dedicated GPUs, since they have no VRAM and thus have to rely on the slower system RAM.

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More memory is for a larger data used in rendering of the scene, textures for example.

The second monitor doesn't require much more memory. So it won't differ much if you use 1 or 2 monitors, no major advantage of 4Gb over 2Gb in that particular aspect.

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