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In an attempt to build a Bank then Multinational in Reus, I accidentally-on-purpose turbocharged a village's economy and mismanaged Danger for a few minutes, leading to the villagers getting exceedingly greedy. Now they seem to love the Rock Giant and do laps to try to feather him.

Can I directly damage/destroy the mob chasing me to thwart them or otherwise discourage the horde?

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You can destroy the mob with the Swamp Giant's moss ball attack, or the rock giant's earthquaking attack. Destroying their village will also destroy the mob, if I remember correctly.

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Actually, you also can cast ocean on the mob. Doing so will get them drown and a message will appear: "The village is humiliated" or something like this. Doing so will not only destroy mob but also will reset the village's greed counter to 0.

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