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Okay, so I bought Animal Crossing a few days ago and my brother decided to start playing it before I did, and now he's the mayor and I'm not. I have progressed with the other account that's not a Mayor, not knowing that I wasn't the mayor, and now I just found out that I can't do anything. Is there any way I can transfer the data from one character to another? Can I at least change the name of the first character?

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There is no way of switching mayor powers between users. I have the same problem with my gf.

In the game if you really want to progress in the game you MUST be playing with the mayor most of the time so you get public works requests and everything.

As I said there is no way of transfering the mayor powers or switching it so you either restart the whole thing or play on his character. You can always mail him everything you have and play his character if you've progressed too much to reset...

Hope this helps. I had the same problem with my gf so now I'm just playing her character and mine at same time when she's not playing xD

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If you get another animal crossing new leaf take and another 3ds then go talk to isabelle at the towm hall. And say you want to move out and you move to the other game or you can simply talk to isabelle when you start the game and when She asks if you want to start say you need help first then say you want to destroy the town then say your suri the press new player move in explain everything to rover and then when you you get off the train your the mayor hope this helps oh almost forgot you could also just play another animal crossing new leaf. Or you play as a villager

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