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I just got Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 for my IPod. I am having trouble understanding the swing/aiming system

Example 1

  • Lie: Fairway 98%
  • Club: 7 iron
  • Aim Marker: Right on the hole and it says 96%

In this scenario:

  • Is the Swing meter already set up for 96% to be the max or should I stop close to the bottom ~96%?
  • Does this include the roll or the in-air only distance?

Example 2

  • Lie: Rough 65%
  • Club: 7 iron
  • Aim Marker: Right on the hole and it says 87%

Again if my understanding is the bottom of the swing is 100% and that number is 140yds, 87% of that would be about 120. So am I 120 from the hole? Now if I am in Rough 65% does that mean I need to hit a shot equivalent to about 184yds?

So far so good, but now lets say there is a trap in front of the hole then I need to fly the ball all 184yds (then backspin it) so should I hit a club that goes something like 200yds? Because the 184 might be 160 in the air and land it the trap. This is where I confuse myself.

Last question. Does my swing speed have any impact on the distance in this game?

I know it is part of learning the clubs but I want to make sure I have the theory down correctly first.

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