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What is the best (lower than lvl50) level to have Yuffie at in order to attempt fighting her way through the 5 bosses of Godo's pagoda in Wutai with some chance for success?

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Well, the best level would be 99. You might rephrase this as "what level do I need to get Yuffie up to in order to have a reasonable shot at beating Godo's pagoda?" – Oblivious Sage Aug 16 '13 at 1:14
@ObliviousSage I thought with words such as optimal and attempt, the "level 99 with master materias" answer wouldn't be a problem. I'll reformat the question a bit tho, thanks. – cst003 Aug 16 '13 at 1:28
reasonable depends on materials too, if you have a KOTR materia you can do it as long as she has the MP to summon it. – l I Aug 16 '13 at 1:39
Each boss has a specific weakness if I remember correctly. If you can exploit them properly then you shouldn't have too much trouble. – UnderscoreZero Aug 16 '13 at 16:07
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General hints for success:

  1. Counter materia is your friend. The higher level it is, the better your chance at countering attacks. Barrier materia is also incredibly helpful.
  2. Restore materia should be able to cast Cure 2 at least.
  3. As a general rule of thumb, Restore, Barrier, Counter, and Time materia should always be equipped in Yuffie's materia slots.
  4. If you can do it, Haste followed by Barrier should be the first two spells you cast on Yuffie each fight.
  5. You're allowed to re-equip Yuffie between each fight. Use this time to your advantage to prepare Yuffie for the next level boss and heal any HP loss or adverse status effects.
  6. If you lose a fight, the game does not end, so don't feel afraid to try out beating the bosses.
  7. Once you beat a boss, you don't have to battle them again when re-climbing the pagoda.

Level 1 Boss - Gorki


Level - 30       | HP - 3,000     | MP - 150
Attack - 71      | Magic - 75     | Defense - 60
M. Defense - 280 | Dexterity - 70 | Evade - 25
EXP - 1,500      | AP - 50        | Gil - 0

Gorki casts Demi2, so equipping Yuffie's armor with a Gravity-Elemental materia combination will most likely nullify this attack. Equipping Counter materia as well as at least a level 2 Restore materia will help keep the battle going in your favor.

Level 2 Boss - Shake


Level - 32       | HP - 4,000     | MP - 180
Attack - 71      | Magic - 75     | Defense - 60
M. Defense - 280 | Dexterity - 68 | Evade - 1
EXP - 2,2000     | AP - 50        | Gil - 0

Shake's main attack is the Rage Bomber attack, which does a fair amount of damage to Yuffie. Once again, equipping Counter as well as a level 2 or higher Restore materia will help keep the battle going in your favor.

Level 3 Boss - Chekhov


Level - 34       | HP - 5,000     | MP - 210
Attack - 71      | Magic - 75     | Defense - 60
M. Defense - 280 | Dexterity - 70 | Evade - 1
EXP - 2,900      | AP - 50        | Gil - 0

Chekhov's Stare Down attack will cause the Stop effect. To guard against this, equip the Jem Ring accessory before the fight, as this will nullify Stop. She has no other large attacks, so keep the Counter and Restore materia equipped and keep Yuffie's health up during the fight.

Level 4 Boss - Staniv


Level - 36       | HP - 6,000     | MP - 240
Attack - 71      | Magic - 75     | Defense - 60
M. Defense - 280 | Dexterity - 72 | Evade - 1
EXP - 3,600      | AP - 50        | Gil - 0

Staniv is a physical brawler, and can inflict Sadness with his War Cry ability. Once again, keep Counter and Restore materia equipped and Yuffie's HP up during the battle.

Final Boss - Godo


Level - 41       | HP - 10,000    | MP - 1,000
Attack - 70      | Magic - 45     | Defense - 60
M. Defense - 100 | Dexterity - 68 | Evade - 1
EXP - 5,000      | AP - 60        | Gil - 40,000

Strategy from the Final Fantasy Wikia:

It is recommended Godo is poisoned at the start of the battle. Yuffie should equip an Enemy Skill Materia if it needs to learn Trine, as Godo is one of the only three sources where Trine can be learned. Godo is not immune to Gravity, so Demi spells can do several thousand damage to him. The Trine skill can also used to do heavy damage. If the Gravity Materia is linked to an HP Absorb Materia, Yuffie can heal herself while draining Godo's health with Demi. The best way for the player to finish him off is leave him poisoned, sit in the back row defending with the Counter Attack Materia equipped and Big Guard on. Godo has no chance to heal, and the battle will end.

An alternative way to prevent him curing is for the player to cast Reflect on him, or use a Mirror item.

Many of Godo's attacks, particularly Bio2 and Demi3, cost a lot of MP to cast. Thus, if the player can endure his attacks until he runs out of MP, Godo is virtually helpless. Magic Hammer can also be used to drain Godo out of MP. Once he has no MP left, he will be limited to the Beast Sword attack, which is weak and easily healed.

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Boss stats and Godo strategy came from the Final Fantasy Wikia while the other boss strategies and general hints came from my own head after playing through the battles a couple times. – cst003 Aug 27 '13 at 21:13

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