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How can I chat to people in SC2 that are not in my current game?

I konce got a message from another ST2-friend in my game, but I couldn't answer.

I can only chat to "Allies" with Enter or chat to "All" with Shift+Enter but not to a person from outside the currently running game.

Isn't there a button that pops up with the friends list? Or another shortcut?

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Press "Enter" then "Tab" until your friend's name appears.

The "Tab" button will cycle through your conversations. This is in my opinion the fastest way to chat.

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There's a few different ways.

  • The /w or /m command will work for "whisper" or "message", like /m Decency thanks!
  • Or, you can /r to "reply" to the last person to send you a message, such as /r Playing a game at the moment.
  • Finally, you can open the friends tab in the bottom right which will allow you to message any groups or people that you've interacted with.
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If memory serves, the command is /w [your friend's name] [your message].

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