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In TES IV: Oblivion, beggars will occasionally say "Blessings of [one of the Nine Divines] upon ye" after you have conversed with them. They will also occasionally say "Blessings of Mystara upon ye". Mystara, however, is not one of the Nine Divines.

I've searched the UESP wiki and found nothing related to Mystara as mentioned in Oblivion.

Who or what is Mystara?

a beggar saying "Blessings of Mystara upon ye"

I came upon this UESP forums thread where users mentioned that it could be an easter egg, and/or a reference to "a campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons role playing game". Can anyone confirm/deny, or expound on how these relate to how Mystara is mentioned in this context?

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"Mystara" is an in-joke and refers to the D&D setting of the same name. It comes to Oblivion via its lead game designer Ken Rolston who was involved in the creation of the Mystara D&D setting and authored two of the background books for it:

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