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Why doesn't Bioshock 2 start from within steam?

Windows 7 32 bit. Trying to open Bioshock 2 within the Library menu in Steam. The Securom launcher opens, then the executable itself. Then the entire thing crashes. No splash screen or anything, just a quick appearance in the task manager and both then disappear.

I've tried...

  • checking the integrity of the files - all were good
  • opening the game with '-dx9'
  • deleting the roaming data.
  • uninstalling, removing the Securom data, then reinstalling
  • reinstalling drivers (NVIDIA 260.99)
  • reinstalling Visual C++ ATL and other libs

It used to run fine. I think that I haven't been able to play ever since I installed the 260.99 driver.

Anyone run into a similar problem like this?

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Try uninstalling Rapture 3D, and reinstalling it from the official Blue Ripple Sound website.

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