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Let's say I buy the Nightclub Truck asset, which gives me a truck to pick up the cash, right behind the office where the vault is found, which helps a lot since the crew doesn't have to run the streets carrying the bags of cash.

Is there any randomization effect over this/all assets?

Let's say, in this case, the time for the truck to arrive.

Or if you buy a certain chopper to make your job easier, will the spot where arrives be the same every run or can it spawn somewhere else?

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From what I've seen in the game, selecting each asset in the setup brings up a map that shows you where the asset will be. I would think it's the same each time. – Son of a Sailor Aug 28 '13 at 18:27
Ace Pilot from Day 3 of Rats, for instance, only shows a picture of a Heli Pilot smoking with a brown sexy mustache. Thats it – Marcello Grechi Lins Aug 28 '13 at 18:47
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NOTE: This answer was written for an old version of the game (around update #15) and might not be accurate anymore.

Some assets are, some are not affected by random chance.

  • Blueprints,
  • insider info,
  • keys,
  • bag shortcuts,
  • additional roof access,
  • bad music,
  • extra helicopter fuel,
  • armored vehicle,
  • floodlights,
  • ammo and doctor bags and
  • shutter codes

have no random elements to them, but

  • Ace Pilot pickup location can change and
  • camera access location can change.

(This list is probably far from complete)

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