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Since the major update that removed gameplay-altering item set bonuses, a calling card is now left behind "when a player is killed by another who is using a specific item set."

This sounds simple enough, but are there any specifics, i.e.,

  1. is a calling card dropped only when killing using a weapon in the set, or with any weapon?
  2. is a calling card dropped even if the death was feigned by a Spy using the Dead Ringer?

Or is a calling card always dropped?

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  1. Any weapon will do.
  2. Yes. Looks like calling cards won't aid in Spy-checking after all.

I tested with the Gas Jockey item set. Kills with the Degreaser, Powerjack, or my secondary weapon which isn't part of the item set, all generated calling cards, for every kill. So it looks like whenever you kill or appear to have killed someone while you have the item set in your loadout, a calling card is generated. There is no catch.

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