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Through Google Image Search I stumbled upon a JPEG of the in-game screensaver wallpaper found on computer terminals throughout Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I have included a scaled-down copy here:

terminal wallpaper

In case the image gets deleted, it's basically a shadowed orange crumpled tin-foil looking background with a circular shadowed orange/gold "belt buckle" with a "flower" inside the circle made out of 8 diamonds (gold outline, black inside).

I would like a higher resolution version of the image for my desktop, but I cannot recall where online I found it. Worse, it's useless to Google for words like: wallpaper, background, backdrop, display, screensaver, desktop, etc., as they do not help filter out the thousands of other DE:HR wallpapers present online.

1) Can anyone think of a clever Google query that will pinpoint the image I'm looking for?

2) Is there a catalog of image file names from DE:HR available anywhere online? I played the PS3 version, so I do not have access to a PC-readable DVD.


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@FAE: You are correct that the question is not about gaming. You are incorrect about my wanting to "find one particular image on the internet"; I actually would like to find a complete catalog of image file names (not the files themselves) from the DE:HR game. –  dg99 Sep 3 '13 at 17:39
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Would this deviantart post do it? It's 1920x1080 in resolution.

Source: Google Image Search, searching by image - just drag the image into the google search.

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Thanks for that information, Humungus. You did indeed locate the image I was looking for, and you answered version (1) of my question about a "clever Google query". I was unaware of that facility in Google Image Search. –  dg99 Sep 3 '13 at 17:33

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