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If you create a residence (Using this bukkit mod) you may need to enlarge it later on. Unfortunatelly, I see no way to put an area of residence in residence selection - so that I expand it.
This is what I imagine:

/res select resarea Home
 - selects area of existing residence - this command is what I need, but can't find
/res select expand 5
 - expand selected area
/res area replace Home main
 - replace old area wtih the new expanded one
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What about /res area? According to the wiki: /res area [add/remove/replace] <residence> [areaID] - Add or remove areas to the residence. These can overlap with areas of the same residence. – It'sNotALie. Sep 7 '13 at 14:28
Unfortunately, there is a limit of 2 areas per residence. This is because the areas are not simply concatenated with the old area, but created as new objects. – Tomáš Zato Sep 9 '13 at 16:31

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What you could do instead of using a command to select the region is to mark the residence you want with the wooden axe and set that as a residence. Then you can remove the original residence(Home). This may be done before you make the enlarged residence.

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