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When I hit level 10 with my Pugilist it gave me 3 stat points to distribute. I assume I will get some more at level 15 - but this made me wonder exactly how the stat points work. Suppose I go straight from the current level to max level with the Pugilist. If I start from scratch with a level one Gladiator (or any other class) will I accrue the same number of stat points?

If this is the case, then no matter what class someone ends up playing - they will maximize the abilities of that class by having leveled every other class simply because of the number of stat points which accrue.

Is this how it works?

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You will occasionally receive a stat point when you level up, starting at level 10. At level 50, you will have 30 total bonus points to assign. This amount is always the same for each class that you level, regardless of your class, race and god choices.

You get separate stat points for each class you level up, and assign them to your attributes for that class. So you can put everything in Strength as a Pugilist, then change to a Marauder and put everything in Vitality. When you change to a job associated with that class (ex: Monk for Pugilist, Warrior for Marauder) those stat point allocations carry over, and cannot be changed separately from the base class. This normally isn't a problem, but causes a slight complication for Arcanists since its two jobs, Summoner and Scholar, use two different primary stats (INT and MND, respectively).

If you don't like your stat distribution for a class, you can reset it (freeing all the stat points you've used on that class) by using a Keeper's Hymn, which you can purchase from your Grand Company for 10,000 seals.

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