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There's a little skill meter next to every skill for each crew member.

Mad skills!!!

They naturally increase in the skills they use. But what are the benefits of increased skill levels?

I'm looking for hard numbers, eg. If I have a pilot with 50% piloting experience, how does that affect my dodge?

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Crew members gain experience whenever the subsystem they're manning gets used (for more detail see: What triggers crew experience increases?). The experience itself does not do anything - it is when the crew gains a skill level when the exp bar is full that they you gain additional bonus when the crew mans the subsystem he is skilled in.

  • Piloting: +5/7/10% Evasion in Piloting
  • Engines: +5/7/10% Evasion in Engines
  • Shields: +10/20/29% Shield recharge rate
  • Weapons: +10/14/19% Weapons charge rate
  • Repair: Faster repair speed
  • Combat: -/+10%/+20% damage

Taken from the FTL wiki article on skills

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