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You revive crew members faster. 50% increase to revive speed.


You can revive crew members at a distance by shouting at them.

Before I buy this expensive ace, I'd like to know exactly how it works. I've been looking over Youtube to find some in-game examples, but didn't find anything concluding.

  • Do I need to have a direct line of sight on my teammate?
  • What's the distance to maintain with him in order to make the skill work?
  • Is the speed the same than when you revive someone while standing next to him?
  • Anything other pros or cons I should know about?
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This thread seems to highlight the fact that the target only recovers 25% of his life instead of 50%. This other one says it works through walls and floors, but people seem to think it only has a certain %age of chances to work... The description definitely lacks of information. –  Anto Sep 11 '13 at 10:32

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The inspire ability has a percentage chance to revive your team mate. You can revive through walls and floors by looking at them and shouting. I believe the range that this works over is tied into the range of your shout ability (which can be increased with the Mastermind third tier bonus).

The speed is faster than the usual method of reviving as shouting is an instant ability, when inspire procs your target will get up immediately. However, due to the way ranged targeting works in Payday 2, in the event there is another player (or enemies, if you're in line of sight) near the player that is downed it can be difficult to target the correct player.

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Thanks for this answer. Does it mean that it has a percentage chance to revive everytime you shout at a crew member? Any idea of the %age? –  Anto Sep 11 '13 at 10:49
yeah a percentage chance every time, I don't know on the rough percentages though –  kalina Sep 11 '13 at 10:54

The chance is 75% if I'm not mistaken. The distance for me is just a little longer then a ruler. Being completly serious I have all the increases to shout distance and the distance away i can be is about twice the radius of reviving. It's really not as useful as I'd like. Your 8 skill points are probably better used getting black marketeer. That perk is more useless then big oil. Why the fuck is that mission in the game it's 8 mil for the overkill contract and you make 4 offshore at best. The targeting is quite shit. I've had people die while i was targetting sheilds and yelling at chains to get away. I swear though that distance is not more then 5 meters.

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