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I beat the first level of Digistruct peak, and I want to activate the over level. But how do I do it? I tried looking around to no avail.

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You must be level 72 when you finished the Digistruct Peak gauntlet (the mission A/More History of Simulated Violence) to unlock Overpower Level 1.

Once you reach level 72 and complete the Digistruct Peak arena, you’ll unlock Overpower Level 1. To access the additional Overpower levels, you must exit the game and reload. Upon re-starting the game, you’ll receive a prompt that will let you decide what Overpower level you wish to play at.

Every time you play through the Digistruct arena at the highest available level, you will unlock the next Overpower level. There are 8 Overpower levels in total, meaning the arena must be completed at least 7 times in order to reach the maximum level at Overpower level 8.

Source: Borderlands Wiki, "Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack Two: Digistruct Peak Challenge - Overpower Levels" article

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I completed digistruct peak, I went back to the main menu and hit continue, it didn't ask me what over power level to play at. I was playing with a friend who also wentthrough the whole thing and it didn't ask him either, we did it again and again nothing asked us which level to play at. – user59233 Nov 9 '13 at 5:25

Once you have earned an Overpower level, you will need to exit back to the Main Menu to activate it. As long as you have chosen the character who has unlocked the Overpower level(s), and have chosen to play in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, when you hit Continue, a prompt will come up asking you how many Overpower levels you want to enable.

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