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I was wondering this because I noticed that when going through the server node, he seems to hint at the possibility that he was the first geth to arm himself. Does anyone have a solid answer to this?

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According to the Mass Effect wiki:

[Legion] was created and dispatched following Commander Shepard's destruction of the Old Machine "Nazara", known to the rest of the galaxy as the Reaper Sovereign[...]

Since Shepard already fought armed Geth (the Heretics) before his encounter with Sovereign, it is impossible for Legion to be the first armed Geth.

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You're referring to the Geth that picks up a Black Widow-style sniper rifle, and the implication that Legion was that Geth.

I don't think it's really a sensible notion because, as Legion says many times, there is no real sense of individuality within them. It's possible that some of the same processes that are now within Legion were in that mobile platform that picked up the rifle, but to say it was Legion him/itself doesn't really make sense.

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