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Where can I buy ammo besides Gun Runners? I'm looking for missiles.

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For high end weaponry and ammunition, you have a few good options. The Gun Runners robot is one, Sergeant Contreras at Camp McCarran is another. The Great Khan Armorer, Mick, Quartermaster Bardon, Knight Torres, and the unnamed Arms Merchant will tend to carry high level weapons rather frequently once you're of the appropriate level as well.

You'll also almost always find a large supply of Missiles and other heavy explosive ordnance being sold by the Boomer Munitions Manager over at Nellis AFB, along with tons of Missiles lying around on the ground for you to steal, if you're so inclined.

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Check out Contreras at the supply shack in Camp McCarran. He sells mostly weapons/ammo. The link I put links to his quests, but that's the guy in case you don't know where he is.

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Contreras is the best supply of 12.7mm ammo, and there is an unnamed arms merchant at the 188 that also has a great stock of ammo.

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