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I'd like to pick up a racing wheel for the Xbox 360 (bonus points if it supports PC and/or PS3 as well), but I can't find any that seem to be still distributed. Logitech's and Mad Catz's models are discontinued and I can't find even the original Microsoft one either.

Are there particular flaws with the controllers that their respective manufacturers stopped making them? Am I just going to open myself to a world of frustration if I pick one up from eBay or Craigslist?

And while I'm on the subject, are there any wheels still in production today that I missed? I'm in Canada, but not opposed to buying controllers from other parts of the world so long as they're compatible with North American consoles.

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If you are serious about racing take a look at Fanatec wheels. They are more on expensive side but praised by many for their build quality and force feedback (look for reviews on youtube). They also work on all platforms (except some models).

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