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According to the official Pet Rescue Saga FAQ, it is possible to play all of the levels of Pet Rescue Saga without connecting to Facebook.

Do I need a Facebook account to play Pet Rescue Saga?

No. You can play the full game without connecting to Facebook. You can also play Pet Rescue Saga without an Internet connection.

However, after completing level 27 on the Android version, I can't seem to get to level 28 without connecting to Facebook. Has anyone been successful getting to level 28 of Pet Rescue Saga on Android without Facebook?

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So I posed the question to Unfortunately, the answer was not what I was looking for.

My question to Pet Rescue support:

On the Pet Rescue Saga FAQ ( ), I see that it is possible to play all levels of the game without connecting to Facebook. After level 27, however, I am being asked to connect to Facebook, and cannot seem to get around it.

Is it possible to play all of the levels of Pet Rescue Saga without connecting to Facebook? If so, how? If not, you should probably update your FAQ because it is quite deceiving.

Scanning through the long generic reply, the following statement answers the question.

Every few levels (starting with level 27), you have to unlock a new episode, in order to continue playing. This can be done by either asking 3 friends for help when connecting with Facebook or by paying for the ticket.

So the FAQ statement on the Pet Rescue FAQ is a bit vague, probably on purpose. Yes, it is possible to play the full game without connection to Facebook, however, it comes at a price.

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You have to buy a ticket. There is no other way around buying a ticket unless you have Facebook to help you along the way.

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