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One time, I went to my friend's house and saw him playing Grand Theft Auto 4 on PC. Can you do that? I tried downloading it on PC but they said on Google that Grand Theft Auto 4 can be only played on XBOX. Is that true?

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Your way of Googling is odd. When I google 'GTA 4 PC' I get a hit from Wikipedia, and the rest of the result list is filled with shops selling GTA 4 for PC. Plus when I hover over your grand-theft-auto-4 tag, I see it's available for PC. The reason you obtain downvotes is the obvious lack of research effort in your question. – Joetjah Oct 8 '13 at 8:56
I went to my friend's house and saw him playing Grand Theft Auto 4 on PC. Okay, fair enough. Can you do that? - what, can you do that thing that you saw? – Archer Oct 8 '13 at 10:28
Are you sure you are asking about GTA 4? GTA 5 is the newest game in the series and it is not on PC currently. GTA 4 has been on PC for a long time now. – Useless Code Oct 9 '13 at 14:18
yes its gta 4.. – anon Oct 9 '13 at 20:58
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GTA IV was released on PC Dec 3rd 2008 (2nd for North America) and can be obtained as a digital download over many stores such as Steam and via Retail.

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oh, I have steam – Minecraft Gamer Oct 7 '13 at 22:34
Dont forget to accept the answer if it solves your problem. – user53721 Oct 7 '13 at 22:41
I got the whole series for a couple of dollars on steam. Forgot if it was 3th party bundle or a steam one. Nevertheless i would wait for another bundle or deal. – Menno Gouw Oct 8 '13 at 7:29

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