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Does Wii Fit Plus only display your own high scores? I am sure that yesterday both our scores were there, but now I can only see my own.


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Is it possible you did a different duration, or a "Plus" or "Super" version of the event instead? – oKtosiTe Jan 2 '11 at 16:11

I believe it displays the top 10 scores, and your “Personal Best” score if that score is below the 10th high score.

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It should display everyone's high scores in the same top ten list. High score lists on Wii Fit Plus are specific to the duration (or amount) of an activity.
If a profile gets removed, so do the high scores associated with it.

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It displays both scores, but when one of the players doesn't have Wii fit account and Wii fit Cash meter, then High scores dissapear.

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