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An update for Beat Hazard was released a couple of minutes ago:

Which my Steam client has rushed out to download, and, presumably, install.

The thing is, I can't figure out where they've put the features they're listing there. (I really want the "remove quit screen" one :P)

When I go to the "options" page in the main menu, the only sections are "Audio & VSync", "Screen Resolution", and "languages", none of which seems relevant.

Is there some bonus hidden settings page somewhere? Or maybe a config file I don't know about? Or has the patch just not been installed, whatever Steam thinks?

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Aha! A friend of mine managed to track down the answer to this.

It turns out that you can create a config file to store these preferences:

Version 1.7 will support a preference file. You can use this to create custom settings for Beat Hazard.

You need to create a text file called BeatHazardPref.txt

The file needs to be in your 'AppData\Beat Hazard' folder. The position of this folder is different depending on which version of windows you're using.

To find the correct folder, search for BeatHazardRez.sav on your computer. Put the file there.

Example File:
CustomRez 0 800 600;

(note you need a ';' at the end of each line)

Text taken from post with full details/list of commands here:

I wound up with this:

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