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Search for this and couldn't find anything. In online mode on my map usually all the job icons are blue. Well I have one parachute mission on the map that the icon is gold. I have been logged off and back on a couple times and every time it seems to be the same parachute job. Does anyone know what it means and why it is gold?

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The reason it is gold is because you bookmarked it through Rockstar Social Club; all bookmarked jobs (missions, survival, deathmatches, races, etc.) are highlighted in gold.

If you log into your Rockstar Social Club account, go to the GTA V section, then go to "GTA Online", you can find a list of your Bookmarked Jobs:

There you can remove any bookmarked jobs.

Also, if you open your map and highlight that icon with your cursor, it should say "Bookmarked (Job Type)".

Hope this helps!

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It happened to me as well and i haven't played that mission ever, also the cycle of the deathmatch was on a roof.

Haven't seen it never there and the money i think was at 9999999 and the rp was at 9999999 i didn't do it because when i climbed up there i stood and read some stuff that were written and it just disappeared.

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