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In GTA Online I was flying around the military base (Fort Zancudo) in a helicopter at night, looking for what vehicles are there. I thought that flying over the base would make me wanted, so I carefully stayed outside. When I spotted fighter jets I decided to risk it and flew over the base, but didn't gain any wanted level! So I flew around for a few minutes, and only got 4-stars when I landed. It was pretty easy to run to the jet, kill a soldier who spawned next to it and fly off.

From what I've read, breaking into the base should be a lot more difficult. Was this just a one-off, or is it easier to break in during the night (or something else)?

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It's possible, yes. I know for one, that if you drive in without any of the soldiers seeing you (in singleplayer) you can get inside without getting a wanted level. If there are less soldiers during the night, then breaking in should indeed be easier then. Getting out without losing your jet is going to be more difficult, though. –  Nolonar Oct 16 '13 at 8:39
The Base in GTA: Online is much easier to get into than in GTA 5 singleplayer. –  5pike Oct 16 '13 at 8:40
@5pike Really? Guess it's time for me to give GTA Online another chance then. I just hope I can get in and play the first mission this time. –  Nolonar Oct 16 '13 at 8:42
So the wanted level comes from being spotted, rather than being in a 'no-fly' zone? –  Ric Oct 16 '13 at 8:43
@Nolonar - Yeah, it's much easier. In online, the wanted level doesn't trigger as fast as in singleplayer (you can hover over the base to get a good look) and they won't fire anti-air missiles at you. Once you get a wanted level, beware of tanks - they can still easily shoot you off the sky. –  5pike Oct 16 '13 at 8:44

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I don't think day/night makes any difference.

I've flown into the base multiple times (day and night) and have always gotten the same reaction. You have to fly close enough to the ground inside the base perimeter to trigger the wanted level of 4 stars. If you hover high enough above the base they do not seem to care.

In any case, it seems like landing a helicopter near a jet is the easiest way to obtain one.

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You can get a job in fort zancudo. I will put a link at the end to a place that will help you to get one. They won't come after you then, as long as you do what you're supposed to!! But, that's not what you wanted. If you don't work there, but fly over it, then they won't kill you. If you go too close to the ground; then they will.

In the night, there's more aircraft experiments going on (witch makes sense), and there's more people guarding it; and not just randomly in tanks, and walking around! You can get right down near the jet, steal one, and then fly out. If you're good, then you can evade the rocket(s) - there should only be one online if you're fast - and then fly away. It's a lot easier offline, but flying away's a little trickier offline.

You also get payed for working there, and have special privileges, such as the Police can't fire at you, if you wair the uniform, unless you're on a 3 star wanted or over, or havn't done anything too bad. There's people out there that will pay you GTA$!,000,000's to give them information, and ** things up. DON'T DO THAT! They come get you constantly, and it **S up your fun and experience. You can lay low, but it's hard. They won't come after you if you never go on dry land, and are always at sea!

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