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In the inventory you can only buy 9 masks but there are more than 50 masks available.

Can you have all the masks? Or are you limited to only one page?

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The mask limit has changed to 36 since the update. They cost 800k each. –  Falem Oct 31 '13 at 20:58

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You can have as many blueprints to items as you like before investing in them to create them.

You are limited to 9 per category expect for masks since the new update. Now you are able to have 36 masks. The slots costs 800k each though.

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As of the 2014 Halloween Update on Oct 30th, the mask limit has been increased again to 72:

Well, the last year has seen a veritable explosion of masks, and seeing as Halloween is about dressing up, and it's kind of a tradition by now we've decided to increase the mask slots from 36 to 72!

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Mmmm time to craft me some new goodies then! –  Thebluefish 4 hours ago

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