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My best town so far in die2nite seems like it will come to an end with day 9. How many soul points will I get when I've died? Does it only count for days survived or will I get extra points for doing special stuff (like doing heroic actions, eating a cat, etc)?

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I've already answered this one before in a different question, so here we go:

The formula for soul points is 0.5(n+n^2) where n is the amount of days you lived fully in a particular town. Basically, you add up the amount of days, which means that by day 9 you'll have 1+2+...+9 = 45 soul points.

As the official help page states:

A day is considered "lived in full" if you survive the night or die from consequences arising from the zombie attack at 23:59. Death of any other kind will render the day invalid.

If you die from poisoned water on day 10 for example, you will earn points only for the 9 days you survived fully, so again 45 points.

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If you die to the zombie attack for day n, you get 1 + 2 + ... + n = n(n +1)/2 soul point.

If you die for any other reason during the midnight attack (or during the day!), your last day isn't counted. You hence get 1 + 2 + ... + n - 1 = n(n -1)/2 soul points.

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