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Is it possible to directly give an item to another player in Die2Nite? I want to give a friend some resources that I picked up, but I don't want to go outside, and I don't want to go through the bank.

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Yes. You can visit their home and choose to leave them a message. You can then attach objects to a message and leave it in their home.

If they are not at home, you can also 'discreetly donate an object' which means they don't know you gave it to them.

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If you go to the house of the player, there's an option to leave them a message. Click on that, and you'll notice beneath the body of the message the option to attach an object to the note. You can attach as many objects as you wish; they can be either from your inventory or from your house's chest.

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You can attach objects to personal messages, just got to your home, create a message and attach something.

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