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I'm playing the Wii version of Call of Duty: Black Ops. Of the perks available, I'm thinking of going for the stealth perks, but was wondering which perks combined together do you think is the ultimate combination?

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You need to specify a purpose of the class if you want tips on perk selection. There is no one magic combination to go with. – Dmitry Selitskiy Jun 21 '11 at 1:18
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Tier 1: Ghost

Tier 2: Sleight of Hand or Warlord. You need to attach a suppressor to your weapon

Tier 3: Ninja or Hacker. For a true stealth class, Ninja would be the way to go but Hacker is a good choice to sniff out those pesky claymores.

For your lethal, I would use the Tomahawk for silent kills. For your equipment, I would use the motion sensor to detect anyone that is near by.

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If you have a headset or use earphones having ninja is god like. You never hear your own footsteps but hear reloads and foot steps of enemies and sadly all allies not wearing Ninja pro. – Charkz Jan 6 '15 at 10:17

If you want stealth: 1) Ghost 2) Sleight of Hand (use supressor, its better to get used to the iron sight) 3) Ninja

I always use Semtex in every custom class, and for equipment I preffer Stun Grenades (you can throw them really fast) or Decoy.

Try using a SMG with: 1) Lightweight 2) Sleight of Hand 3) Maraton


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Stealth but requires a good aim because you cant afford to waste ammo: ghost pro, sleight of hand pro, and hacker pro

Offense: Scavenger pro, sleight of hand pro, and hacker pro So far this worked with me great, don't forget to use a suppressed weapon in stealth otherwise it beats the whole purpose, as for offense I suggest using assault rifles with sights like the commando or famas with red dot or an M60 if you want to go crazy and keep holding the trigger. Have fun.

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