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I want to know if minecraft pocket edition 0.8.0 will have commands.

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No there will not be. The following are the things that will be added to MCPE v0.8.0:


  1. Minecarts
  2. Rails[2]
  3. Powered Rails (always powered.)[3]
  4. Redstone (mineable and used to craft, but can't be used as Redstone dust until after 0.9.0) [4]
  5. New Creative Menu (new creative menu and blocks) [5]
  6. Probably Vines, different colours of wooden planks, and Redstone Repeaters. (They were tweeted by johan in the formal friday picture of 0.8.0. Though even some features are not officially announced but secretly added like half the secret features of 0.7.4. The new Creative menu and blocks to be added in 0.8.0 gives these three a even larger chance to appear in 0.8.0.The new biomass to appear in 0.9.0 probably one of the is the jungle,gives even much larger for vines,and if were having jungle trees,so for different wooden planks also have a chance).[6]


  1. Redstone Ore now drops Redstone Dust when mined
  2. Transparent hotbar[7]
  3. Fire and lava will now ignite TNT.[8]
  4. Flint and Steel in Creative Mode [9]

Bug fixes:

  1. MCPE-2804: Fire doesn't ignite TNT
  2. MCPE-347: Moiré pattern on certain blocks
  3. MCPE-61: Water flows downward next to farmland

With reference to this Link

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Then when will there be commands – Armando Nov 11 '13 at 17:14
I'm afraid that as of right now, there has been no confirmation of what would be released in the next major update. – David Toh Nov 12 '13 at 0:15

Although the vanilla version of PE doesn't have commands, there is a 3rd party program that gives access to commands. Its like CraftBukkit, but for Pocket Edition.

Its called PocketMine

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