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In Myst IV, what determines your spirit guide? I'm on my second play-through and I got Water again so I was wondering how it can be changed? Just to be clear -- I know what to do after you get your spirit guide and what the spirit guide affects, but I want to find out what choices in the game lead to the protectors giving you a certain spirit guide.

Also, does anyone know a place to download Myst IV save games so I can see what the other spirit guides are like?


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I found this explanation on the ubi forums:

Myst IV Score Guide

Take a photo on the monorail: 0.1 Finish the sound puzzle with Atrus: 0.1 See Yeesha's gecko: 0.1 Watch Yeesha play her flute: 0.1 Contact Atrus with the crystal viewer: 0.1

Link to both Haven and Spire from Tomahna: 0.125 Link to Tomahna from both Haven and Spire: 0.125 Link to Serenia from Tomahna: 0.125 Link to Tomahna from Serenia: 0.125

Spend time in the game: 0.5 total for 20 hours (0.0004 per minute) Use the Amulet: 0.5 total for all 101 flashbacks (0.0050 per flashback) Use the zip feature: 0.5 total for 30 uses (0.0167 per use) Use the hint map: 0.5 total for 25 uses (0.02 per use)

Child of Fire: 0 to 1 Drawn by the excitement of new experiences, always seeking adventure over stasis. Sometimes your desire to succeed makes you miss the deeper meaning but you always find the answers you seek when you really want them.

Child of Wind: 1 to 2 Attracted by challenge and diversity. Always moving swiftly to the heart of the matter yet willing to take the time needed to understand it.

Child of Water: 2 to 3 You appreciate the beauty and richness of life around you. You are confident in your ability to succeed but willing to seek help when answers seem elusive.

I unfortunately can't find any other details.

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So the answer is "play badly"? – SevenSidedDie Oct 15 '12 at 16:56

The spirit guide will be based on the following:

       From           Collect      Spirit Guide     Manifests in
     Pollen tree --->  Pollen --->    Wind   --->   Stone circle
 Bubble fountain --->  Bubble --->    Water  --->   Water pool
   Burning plant --->  Sap    --->    Fire   --->   Burning stones

So you can act according to whichever spirit guide you want.

I didn't find much saved games yet. I found one here:

Anyway, see if you can restore one of your earlier games. It might not be that much time consuming as once you have already finished the game.

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Errr... that's what to do when you get your spirit guide. I'm wondering how to change what spirit guide I get. – Robert Fraser Jan 11 '11 at 3:34
Roger. Sorry about that. – Mugen Feb 12 '11 at 10:59

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