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I previously had a PC and Steam account. Now I have a Mac and I really want to play Sims 3.

I read somewhere that I could download Origin and transfer my codes or something, but how would I go about doing that? Would I have to buy the game on origin?

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This article covers the process in full; but beware:

The Mac OS X port of The Sims 3 is, in my experience, a shoddy piece of work, and is hardly worth the trouble. (Which is a crying shame, especially given the history of Mac OS ports of the Sims franchise games.)

In short: fetch the CD key from the Steam Library, and redeem it in your Origin library.

You can then use Origin to install the game on Mac OS X.

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Also worth noting is that while the keys you get on Steam can be redeemed in Origin, the keys you get from Origin cannot be redeemed elsewhere. –  Teryx Dec 2 '13 at 21:08

Log in to your steam account, and download Sims 3, but log in with the same account you buyed the game with, but first make sure if the game is available for Mac.

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