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I've heard about how you can catch monsters but I haven't found out how .-. Can anyone help?

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This feature is not yet implemented at this stage of the beta.

6: Are Novakids in yet? Monster capture? Pets? Fossils?

Not yet! The beta is not feature-complete, but people sure seem to be having fun anyway. :)

EDIT: Patch Annoyed Koala 9/12/2013. Creature taming seems to still not be possible but patch notes show it is definitely on the way.

Added early implementation of creature taming (more features coming soon)

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Monsters can be captured by crafting a Creature Capture Station at tier 4, then using that to craft Capture Pods. These pods can be thrown at small, grounded creatures with less than 50% health to have a small change to capture them.

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You can catch baby monsters, no nova kids or fossils, but I also don't know how to catch, or find them. My guess is simply to interact with E or the middle mouse button

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It's probably a good idea to go on more than a guess. – obskyr Dec 10 '13 at 15:19
Ok, I did more research, it's not the e button, you have to make a pokeball station and craft pokeballs, and then beat up babies and throw the ball at them. – user63569 Dec 12 '13 at 9:17

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