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I got falling-down-drunk. Is there any way to sober up quickly? I didn't realise drinking so much would impair my ability to do things, I just wanted more adventures.

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Mythbusters tested this. Exercising and getting slapped in the face seemed to be the most effective:… – mikeTheLiar Dec 9 '13 at 16:45
I don't know whether to trust your advice... – fredley Dec 10 '13 at 13:21
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There are a few ways to get sober other than simply waiting a day, none of them quick and none of them cheap. This is set as a built-in turn limitation, so you don't circumvent the 40 turns-per-day limit simply by guzzling booze and then taking sober pills.

There are, in effect, three ways of reducing drunkenness:

  1. Spice melange - This is a relatively rare drop from sandworms (usually found by using a drum machine). It reduces drunkenness and fullness by 3, but you can only use one a day.
  2. Synthetic hair of the dog pill - This item is also hard to find as it requires the Transpondent effect, which is gained from an item dropped by an Item-of-the-Month familiar. You can buy the items in the Mall, but it's somewhat cost-ineffective to do so just to farm hair of the dog pills. This item reduces drunkenness by 1 and you can only use it once a day.
  3. Ultra Mega Sour Ball - This item is a rare drop from the item 'huge bowl of candy'. It reduces drunkenness and fullness by 3, but you can only use one a day.
  4. The Towering Inferno Discotheque - You can choose one boon per day, and the fourth option decreases drunkenness by 1. You need to be wearing four pieces of equipment made of unsmoothed velvet (the bra doesn't count). If you don't have a charter for the 70s volcano, you need to use a one-day ticket to get there. (If you want the the one-day ticket to be worth your investment, do some mining or get powerful gear like Mr. Cheeng's spectacles while you're there.)
  5. Calculate the Universe - This is a complex skill that, once per day, does one of many things depending on a formula based on your stats. One of them (ending digits 11) is changing your drunkenness. Be careful, it might also make you more drunk; this is seemingly random. Getting this skill requires you to play some PvP during certain seasons.
  6. Waiting for tomorrow - This is the "method" used by most players and probably the only one you currently have access. After rollover, your drunkenness is set to 0 again.
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The most common way of become un-drunk is to wait until rollover. There are a few rare items (namely spice melange), that removes drunkenness per use, but they are very hard to obtain.

On a related note, if you obtain the Liver of Steel you can drink a little more before becoming totally inebriated.

As a strategy, most people drink up until their limit - which is 14 (19 with Liver of Steel) - and then, just before they log off for the day, drink a final big drink that pushes them over the top.

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You've got the values switched there. It's 19 with liver of steel, 14 with liver. – FAE Dec 9 '13 at 15:17
@FAE oops, yep corrected – l I Dec 9 '13 at 15:17

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