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Guys I request to please read the question first before jumping to the conclusion that the play disc must NOT be installed.

I got a brand new Xbox 360 Slim 4 GB, and a new GTA 5 game.

The first disc installed perfectly on a pen drive but the second disc is unreadable. Sometimes it runs, many times it doesnt.

With so many users getting the same problem, I really dont think there is some problem with my Xbox. But if it is, I would not mind giving it to the service center.

Please suggest.

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A certain percentage of discs (typically very small) will be defective right out of the box. The cause of this can be as simple as 0.001" variation on when the signature should be, caused by a piece of dust, or a light breeze, during manufacturing.

You should return the game at once to where you bought it. They will give you a new one.

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I don't know what happened to my disc. There was a slight crack on the disc that extended from the center hole of the disc, up a centimeter or two, just barely going into the actual disc part. The still ran perfectly, but recently I discovered something almost like an air bubble or something around that crack, and the game won't run at all. It will not recognize the disc. As for your problem, GTAV requires a minimum of 8GB's to run, as the entire install takes a little over 7GB's. Disc one probably just didn't install all the way or something.

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