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I've begun playing Illyriad, and I'd like to produce some livestock for leather. The obvious place to produce this would be the Common Ground.

The Common Ground is an ancestral right for your citizens to graze their cattle inside the city walls, producing livestock for your City's Saddlemakers and Tanners to turn into useful end products.

But when I try to produce some livestock using the production tab there I get the following message:

Unable to start Production! You do not have the building necessary to produce this item.

What building do I need?

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You need to upgrade your Common Ground to level 1 (it starts at level 0) - to begin production of livestock

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That worked, thanks. It's not very apparently from the in game text though. – C. Ross Jan 16 '11 at 21:28
@C.Ross - It would make sense for there to be some production possible from common ground and paddock even if they are at lvl0, I agree, but you could view it as saying that your citizens and soldiers graze their livestock/horses on those plots but the plots don't produce anything for you until you build some structure there. – Alti Dec 4 '14 at 9:12

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