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So I'm lighting the signal fires for the highland lord. In order to 'beat' Twin Peak, I need to search the pantry, however when I do I fail. A little research on the wiki suggests I need an Item Drop boost of +50%. This seems insane, with all my current gear I can only get 10%. Where can I, as a level 9 Sauceror, get gear/effects to boost my Item Drop to 50%?

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One of the main things to note about this requirement is that it counts Food drops, not just Item drops. Therefore the easiest way to do this is to get an increase to your Food drop rate, which is generally easier than the regular Item Boost Drop.

Increased booze drop rates, do not count towards this total and neither do Fairy-type familiars. However, familiar equipment with increased Item drop rate (like the Chiptune Guitar), will count.

This page on the official Wiki has several options for increasing your drop rate, but here are some of the easiest for this purpose:


  • Complete the Deep Fat Friars' Gate Quest in the Copse of the Deep Fat Friars. This quest has a minimum requirement of level 6 and you will receive it from the Council of Loathing.

    • After completing it, you will be eligible to receive buffs from the friars. Get Brother Flying Burrito's Blessing from Brother Flying Burrito, the Deep Fat Friar, as it's one of the easiest food boosts to get. It gives you a whopping +30% to Food Drops from Monsters, which will last 20 adventures.

To make up the last 20%, you can use either equipment or buffs from various sources. This will partially depend on how much Meat you have to spend in the Mall and what kind of gear you currently have access to.


This is all gear that you should have access to at this point from quests from the Council or from guild quests:

If you haven't done the above quests already and/or don't have those items, these are quick and (fairly) cheap Booze/Food options. Obviously prices and availability may vary on the Mall:

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I used a rice bowl. Pretty cheap at the mall, and they provide the +20% you need all by themselves: – MartianInvader Jan 16 '14 at 23:51

There are a few tricks you can do here. The first is to know that the needed item drop also includes food bonuses,

This means that getting Brother Flying Burrito's Blessing from the level 6 quest is a huge bonus here as its +30% food drops.

After that, its a matter of stacking enough for the last 20% (knob goblin eye drops are pretty easy to get).

Also, if you are aware of your semi-rare count, you can go for a cyclops eyedrops for an instant +100% item find for 10 turns. This item is also super useful for the filth worms later on.

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