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I have gotten a Supreme Spring and a Supreme Autumn. I am not 100% sure but they appear to give 5 hearts like the deluxe Poké Puffs.

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There are 5 tiers of Pokepuffs. The higher the tier, the more hearts they give when eaten (exception described below). The colours and designs seem to be just for show however

  1. Tier one: Basic Pokepuffs

    No frosting, no toppings, gives 2 hearts when eaten.

    Gained by doing poorly in easy and normal games.

    Feeds 1 batch of visitors.

  2. Tier two: Frosted Pokepuffs.

    These have swirly frosting at the top, but no toppings, gives 3 hearts when eaten.

    Gained by doing well in easy, average in normal, or poorly in hard.

    Feeds 2 batches of visitors.

  3. Tier three: Fancy Pokepuffs.

    These look like the tier one puffs, but have a topping, like a piece of fruit, chocolate, or a cookie stick. They give 4 hearts when eaten.

    Gained by doing well in normal, average in hard and poorly in unlimited.

    Feeds 3 batches of visitors.

  4. Tier four: Deluxe Pokepuffs.

    These have both frosting and a topping and are worth a whole 5 hearts each.

    Gained by doing well in hard, and average in unlimited.

    Feeds 4 batches of visitors.

  5. Tier five: Supreme Pokepuffs

    When eaten, they still only give 5 hearts (exception).

    Gained only when 5 starring unlimited modes, and only 2 at a time, on your birthday, when you defeat the Elite 4 or when friends visit you on the Pokemon Amie screen.

    Feeds 5 batches of visitors.

Sourced from gamefaqs and serebii

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Thanks this is very helpful especially for citing your sources. – rom016 Jan 5 '14 at 12:21
@rom016 You're welcome :) – Jerry Jan 5 '14 at 12:23

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