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I've got roughly a thousand of these useless Mann Co. crates, all of different numbers and seasons and styles, and they are taking up an insane amount of space in my inventory.

What can I do with these crates Valve keeps giving me?

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  1. Unbox.
    • Unboxing nets you the chance to unbox an Unusual, which far exceeds the cost of unboxing ONE crate
    • You can get cute little hats and miscs to decorate your war veteran with.
    • You can get cute little weapons to arm your war veteran with.
  2. Sell on Marketplace
    • Some crates are rarer than others; this means you can sell on the Marketplace for a quick profit. Most are of low value.
  3. Gift to unwilling recipients via "Giftapults"
    • They're only 10cents
    • You can surprise another enemy combatant with this deadly gifting tool
  4. Trade with Other Players
    • Some players mass buy crates for unboxing, so having plenty of crates is always a plus
  5. Delete
    • Or mass purge, which ever fits your bill
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Also, he can donate them or raffle them off. Check out for more info. – char1es Jan 7 '14 at 2:16

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