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So, I'm trying to decide what handgun to stock ammo for, for Raul Tejada, but I don't know what calibre because I'm not sure what handgun he'd take over his own .44 mag. What handguns/lever-action rifles will he switch too, even unmodified, over his own .44?

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don't remember companions needing ammo –  Paralytic Jan 12 '14 at 4:03
@paralytic They do if you give them a gun other than their standard. –  Selonianth Jan 12 '14 at 4:08

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For me, he would use the Brush Gun, A Light Shining in Darkness, and the Assault Carbine. Not saying that's all he will use,because I haven't tried everything...

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It doesn't matter what gun you choose to give him, because you can take it from his inventory and then what ever gun you give him, he will use it

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