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While playing Don't Starve, I occasionally find myself doing battle in a forest - usually while killing Spiders for their luscious silk and glands. The trouble comes when I'm wielding a weapon, and my character would rather discuss the local flora than actually attack the spider that's trying to carve me into steaks.

Specifically, when I'm trying to click on a partially-concealed spider to attack, or else click elsewhere so I can run away terribly fast, I accidentally click on a tree. This makes Wilson tell me that trees are piney — and then take damage from the spider that's chasing him. Is there a way to issue commands so that I attack the nearest critter or move to a location, to prevent the sorts of mistakes that get me killed?

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You can avoid most of this problem by using the keyboard.

Instead of moving with the mouse, use the WASD keys, especially in a cluttered environment. During a fight, you can hold the F key. This will cause you to automatically move towards and attack the nearest enemy.

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Is there a way to cycle through which enemy you want to attack? If not, it would make an awesome mod for someone with better programming skills than I! – David M Jan 13 '14 at 5:04
Or to perhaps attack the monster closest to the cursor? – MikeyB Jan 13 '14 at 6:32

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