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I've heard that there's a new biome made of stained clay. Is this true? If it is true, what does it look like? Is there anything about it that I should know?

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Please do some reasonable research before asking a question. This is answerable by simply looking through the wiki – MBraedley Jan 16 '14 at 2:27
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The biome you are referring to is called the Mesa biome. According to the Minecraft wiki

Mesa is a rare, exotic biome made of hardened clay and stained clay, with dead bushes around similar to a desert. Red Sand will also generate here instead of regular sand, with occasional cacti. Its composition is useful when other sources of clay are scarce. However, finding a Mesa can be difficult due to their rarity.

Here is a screenshot of what they look like mesa biome

And another with a river running through mesa biome with river

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The "Stained Clay Biome" is actually a rare biome called mesa. It is a bit like a desert but is filled with clay. Instead of sand there is red sand which is pretty much the same. And also there is cacti but there is only a few.

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